zondag 17 februari 2019

New Page added: wargame results

I finally added a new page today to the blog whoch I wanted to do for a while: results of tournaments and such in my wargaming life.

Now, I'm afraid those from before my "5 year hiatus" have been lost in time, as they predate even my little blog page I'm afraid.

So a lot of older events aren't readily available in an age when even the internet wasn't that much around, though I will be looking in my pictures and archives soon, and take pictures of some things hanging on my wall / standing in my cabinets of cups and certificates, and try to (partially) recreate my past as such.

But the page can be accessed on the tabs at the top of the blog, check back in a few weeks to see how I managed to recreate stuff, though I'll probably put down a post later this week about what I found back in those cabinets...

But for now, I could only add two events which I covered in the past on this corner of the internet, and start building onwards from that point on.

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