donderdag 14 februari 2019

The Why of the TSA 40k League

As people might know, I started running a League for Warhammer 40.000 this year.

And one month in, I can already say I achieved what I wanted to... partly.

You see, the club had two "cliques" playing the game, but never against each other.  So with the league, a bridge has been made and people are now intermingling with each other, each battling the other as they please.

So that is the main goal achieved.  Now, I did have some side goals for it as well, but I don't know if that will be made.

The first of these, is to make sure that every one would have a 1500 point PAINTED army by the end of the League.  I mean, look at the mega battle games, the amount of bare plastic and metal hurts my eyes in all honesty, and at times I really feel that "no paint no play" for those events, even if that means more players but with smaller armies, would benefit the "bring the biggest gun and who cares if it's painted" to those sorts of games.  So maybe, just maybe, this League might actually motivate people to get their forces done, especially as the bonus I add to the totals is almost as heavy as two extra wins in their totals.

The second part is also by not obliging players to play everyone, but are allowed to play each other a maximum one time, the "min maxers" will get dissuaded.  You know, the play to the game and not the style sort of things, all perfectly rule legal, but boring as hell.  I mean, hardly any Space Marine army seems to come outside to play these days without half a bus of assassins in tow...  Now, the system as such, granting also points for actually playing instead of just the bare result, will start punishing those players as they will have a hard time finding people to play them anymore...

Call me an idealist, but is it so wrong to have games of fluffrich, painted armies?  Or am I a tyrannical despot then?  Because if so... I'll gladly be.

But for now, not that many issues have arissen and the players are enjoying themselves, so I would say, keep fingers crossed and may the brushes paint, dices roll and people intermingle!

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