zondag 10 februari 2019

WarCon Ghent 2019

Past saturday, WarCon Ghent took place and me and Nemesis jumped in the car to make a visit to the wargame show, our first roadtrip of this year.

Held in the village of Merelbeke, the size and the venue are those of the fun kind, not to immense (like, our Crisis show for example) giving you a good chance for a chat and a look at games.

There was a dozen traders present (where we found some good deals, see below) and about two dozen demonstration and participation games.  Entry was a modest 7 euros, and as you can see in the video of my loot below, I also bought two of the Gamer's Guild dice to "support the cause".

To give an example of the chatting, I was only 15 minutes there when I was talking to someone I never seen before about 6mm and 40k gaming, and how I am blessed with a GF with an intrest in the hobby.

The bring and buy had some fun things, while not to large, like this 16+ hentai cardgame...

But let`s have a look at the games then...

Adeptus Titanicus, a game that intrests both me and Nemesis, was on display.  We are still contemplating buying the actual game, or at least the titans up to the Reaver in size for Future War Commander.

A lot of games had world war 2 as a theme, so inserted amongst all the pictures here, you will see various battles, mostly in scale 28mm.  Skirmish games like Bolt Action are really popular these days.

A 35mm Batman game using MDF buildings and the Noble models.

Death in the Dark Continent

Gasslands demo by The Puppeteers

A sportsy game, with Obelix clearing the pitch...

A Song of Ice and Fire, lovely models, but way to expensive for my taste.

Goblinolympics in full swing

A mighty impressive Star Wars Legion game

Mantic's Kings of War gamesystem

There was also a large variety of boardgames being presented

Napoleonics was well presented as well at the convention, as I saw a few games being played.

Berserkir's Norse mythology fantasy game

A 54mm wild west game

Flames of war Travel edition

A game for the younger players was presented as well, to introduce them to the lovely hobby of ours.

A battle of the American War of Independence

Bushido game

Frostgrave also had a table present

A fantastical arena battle game

Our clubs Star Wars Legion game

Ancient naval battle

The French Indian Wars, featuring a gorgeous fort

I quite liked the "level" of the games, everything was painted and all.  But like something I observed often at games, even if you "hover" around a table, it is a rare moment when someone actually steps up and speaks to you, ask if you're intrested for a game for example in the case of participation games.  While often in demonstration games, people are to caught up in their game to notice.  A pity, but something you actually get used to if you are a few decades in the hobby x-D

So those are the pictures I took of the various games and the event itself, so that brings us only to the last remaining thing to show... my loot, in YouTube style this time around...

A good start of the convention year for sure, and a well filled early part of the day (we left around 14hrs, as we both had still other things to do as well).  Nice atmosphere, good dealings... what else does one need...

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  1. Nice report, thanks! It was my first visit to WarCon, but a pleasant surprise. Quite a good collection of traders and games, and a very spacy hall. It is nice to be able to look around at some of the games and trade stands without bumping into soms one, and at the same time it never seemed as if attendance was poor. Ample parking too. I would have liked to see more games in the smaller scales, but that's how it is, I suppose. I will definitely be back next year!

  2. Some more pictures here: http://snv-ttm.blogspot.com/2019/02/warcon-2019.html