vrijdag 1 februari 2019

One Punch Man: Road to Hero OVA

The first of the OVA's of this hilarious superhero shows, this takes a look at Saitama in his early days of heroing.

In the same comical style as the main series, it is getting used to to see Saitama before he got his iconic look though.

During his first year of training, Saitama (who still has hair, and is wearing a blue track suit) has defeated numerous villains in the abandoned area in Z-City but is still having problems with paying the rent, we know this because the landlady says he's 3 months overdue on his rent, Saitama speaks with a shop owner who is being forced to surrender his store's deed by a local gang, several other shops have gone out of business, a conversation between the gang boss and one of his stooges reveal that the boss has been buying out all the stores in the area to destroy them, and the store owner's store is the last one left, hearing this Saitama gives counsel to the clothes-shop owner telling him to not give up, then we find out that the gang's base is part of Saitama's apartment complex, Saitama goes door to door meeting the various criminals in the gang, Saitama isn't really interested until he hears them mention the reward on their heads, following this Saitama soundly beats them.

The leader of the gang is the only left, and following Saitama telling him that there's no need for over charging, the leader of gang loses it and transforms into the villain known as Fish of Darkness. They have a rather brief fight with Saitama defeating him easily, following Fish of Darkness revealing that the reward on his head is the greatest out of the entire gang. Following this Saitama talks to the landlady, and informs her that he's called the police on the criminals living in the apartment complex, in order to get the reward money so that he can pay the rent, unfortunately the landlady doesn't like this and promptly throws him out, this is because nearly all of her other tenants were in the gang. Saitama is found by the store owner sometime later, and Saitama explains what happened, but the owner states that he was getting too old anyway, and has therefore decided to close the shop anyway, but not before finishing a masterpiece that he made for Saitama (Saitama's costume). Then Genos tells Saitama that he should get a better suit, but Saitama asks him if he was even listening, after all he did explain the suit was a memento.

A good piece of fun that was, this flashback episode!

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