zaterdag 3 april 2010

Crash site remains disputed, SAC fails to secure the perimeter

The crashsite at Whitesands remains disputed as the SAC team failed to completely secure the perimeter.

The expedition, lead by Tomasso, Valeria and Nika, was supported by Fucilieri and Askari, and a CV33 Tankette.

Nika advanced onto the monolith, but suddenly a cry of Seize Her! sounded over the battlefield, and a group of followers from Professor Schwiebel im Arse appeared and took the poor sniper out in a hail of bullets.

The Fucilieri and Askari advance upon the followers, but suddenly the Askari come under long range fire by Hungarians of the Goula clan, and two of the territorials fall before the others rain a storm of bullets upon the followers, taking them out.

Then Scar the Hunter enters the fray and takes out two Fucilieri. Valeria rushes forward and snatches away a Map before the lumbering brute can shoot her, and she immediatly disappears back over the hedges.

Scar then turns towards the remaining fucilieri, while Tomasso narrowly escapes a Crushing Boulder. As the big hunter charges, the Fucilieri let go a last moment volley... and to their immense surprise the Hunter drops right before their feet!

The tankette in the meantime throddled down some orchards... and gunning down some hungarians in the process while Valeria and the Fucilieri prepare for some tankbusting.

With Schwiebel out of the battle, the remaining hungarians and italians converge on the wreck and reach a stalemate, but the Hungarian lady manages to get away with the ignition key to the wreck, a very valuable artifact indeed that has slipped out of the gallant claws of the SAC. Disastro!

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