vrijdag 9 april 2010

UNIT moves in

While the SAC team was preparing for their voyage to South America, they where approached by a doctor Jones, representing the UNified Intelligence Taskforce.

The lithe woman informed the team that under article 127.bis, addendum 325 UNIT can take over operations from the SAC at any given moment, if they suspect that the safety of Earth is on the brink. She told them that UNIT will be sending special agents to investigate the recently discovered ruins in the Peruvian wilderness.

Though the SAC team obeyed without any protest, knowing it is part of the mutual defence regulations, a fucilieri was heard grumbling `great, they are sending in the aliens`, though official statements later on said he was misunderstood and he actually said `allies` instead of `aliens`

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  1. Ah those Italians, sometimes they have problems with the language.