zaterdag 10 april 2010

The Obelisk doesn`t reveal her secrets...

UNIT troops arrived in Peru with their special agents, known as The Doctor, Captain Jack Harkness, Martha Jones and Mickey Smith. In support of the effort was a UNIT squadron led by Sgt Popski. However, when the TARDIS parked at a small beachfront, K-9 came along for the trip to help his master.

Oppossing the force was a column of Letzemberg sturmtruppe led by a woman known as Helga Schwiebeltitten, a strange group of heavily armoured soldiers calling themselves Nurglites acording to their monotonous battlechant that sounded over the field, and the immer present Professor Schwiebel-Im-Arsche and his comapnion Scar in another bid to seek world domination.

UNIT advanced cautiously, and a potshot from Mickey`s blaster took down a strange clockwork automaton that accompanied professor Schwiebel. Jack moved up to secure a ruined house to cover the teams flanks from a horde of shambling zombies.

While Mickey takes out both Letzembergers LMG`s before being taken down by massed return fire, the Doctor solves a Dare! counter... and escapes from the Crushing Blocks thundering down. Scar in the meantime approaches the mighty obelisk, with the shambling horde and some Letzembergs in hot pursuit.
Jack uncovered the second Dare!, only proving to be a clue to another nearby obe, which the Doctor valiantly investigates... and escape from a treacherous patch of quicksand!

A huge gunfight between the Letzembergers versus Scar and thezombies starts on the Temple, resulting in the wipeout of the Letzemberger squad in ferocious melee with the green monstrosity. The UNIT squad guns down half of the second Letzemberger squad and pins them, but the sinister Nurglites, who kept out of the hostilities appart from some potshots, start to move towards the templeruins, and they are still in great shape... and place their HMG squad on an overlooking houseroof.

Combined fire from Scar and the HMG puts down the UNIT team and Martha, but then Scar is gunned down by the lonely Helga, and the professor is fusilladed by the Nurglites. As Helga is then shot down by the Nurglites, it seemed this dark power would take control of the obelisk.
But the Doctor wouldn`t be the Doctor if he didn`t prevent this. Dashing a hail of bullets under the covering fire of Jack, he rushes forward with K-9 on his tail and contests the obelisk ending the encounter in a stalemate...

The obelisk hasn`t shown it`s power just yet...

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