donderdag 8 april 2010

SAC Team 2

The second team of the SAC that is now placed on active status, this team mainly operates in the regions of India and the Chinese hinterlands.

Led by Prince Shahal, a descendant of a noble Indian family, here seen walking his pet `dog`. He also has a great love for technology, and is rumoured to have a private bodyguard outside the SAC that is higly trained and equipped.

Cultural Liason is Miss Peregrini, an agent attached to the London National Museum tasked with observing the workings of the LNM and SAC synchrony, and always accompanied by Mister Jeeves, her clockwork butler and maker of great cappucino

Military advisor is a mysterious woman named Nika. Marksman extraordinaire, she prefers the slow and calculated approach to any battle situation.

With the chinese and indian lands being so huge, the SAC has the use of a transport plane, piloted by Falco.

For Glory! Avanti Savoia!

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