zondag 25 april 2010

Scouting Ahead

A strange abandoned factory village, and an even stranger sarcophagus located within. Grave the disturbance in the Force is.

The Jedi Council has dispatched general Secura to investigate this strange disturbance, assisted by Commander Gree and a platoon of his Clone Troopers. In this joined effort, we teamed up with the Letzembergers and the Protectorate of Menoth to face off an unholy coalition of Greys, Nurglites and the ever viscious Schwiebel-im-Arse.

Using drilled military tactics, the Clone Troopers and Aayla advanced under the cover of their armoured vehicle, in the meantime gunning down a few greys as we advanced.

Clone 12-b007 then stepped forward, shouldered his heavy blaster cannon, and shot down one of the Greys robotic companions, suppressing his companion.

Our force then advanced on the outer perimeter, being assigned third wave to storm the objective, while the priests and soldiers kept up rate of fire against the enemies.

Aayla sneaked up towards the Evil overlord of the greys, dodging a bearclaw in the process, as she suddenly heard a loud noise, screams and cries, then saw a rhinoceros pass by with the diminutive grey creature staked on it`s horn...

The armoured vehicle then took up position to cover the central tower, but as a result of the toxic clouds of the night falling in, all combatants withdrew to regroup for another go later on...

The Protectorate and Greys where both as good as wiped out, while the Letzembergers and Schwiebel, whom`s champion Scar was very, very disappointing, both clung on to not been swept in the ropes. The Nurglites has suffered some injuries, while our force has advanced unscathed through the ordeal.

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