zaterdag 17 april 2010

Germany claims the Obelisk

The struggle for the Obelisk continued, though the Doctor was required elsewhere and was no longer at the site.

However, strange aliens did appear out of nowwhere in the jungle surrounding them, and the SAC suspects they might be the ones responsible for building the strange item in the first place and `taking care` of the locals.

While the Germans, Nurglites and the undead minions of Professor Schwiebel-Im-Arse moved towards the objective, two of the strange aliens that the SAC has labelled as `Predators` studied a glowing object, turning out to be an ancient sword, with great intrest.

Schwiebel-Im-Arse then suddenly ordered a bunch of his cronies to ambush a group of those Predators, but the sight of the fiendish faced aliens made them run faster then they appeared.

Professor Schwiebel-Im-Arse

The apparent leader of the Predators moved towards the Monolith, bellowing an animalistic warcry challenging all who dare to approach to a duel. The other Predator charged out of the ruins towards the germans, threw some sort of poisonous cannisters that caused them to fall back in chaos... and be gunned down by the supporting LMG gunners in the wide open. The Nurglites cultists on the far flank where wiped out in the meantime by combined German and necrotic powers.

Schwiebel and his zombies answered the challenge, and the Alpha charged in, hacking furiously at his opponent with poisonous blades and striking faster then a lightning bolt. As by a miracle however, the professor survived the encounter... barely and his zombies then overwhelmed the monstrosity by sheer size of numbers.

The last of the aliens stalked around the ruins while the germans and the undead closed in on the monolith, and though he managed to wound Helga, he was subsequently also dispatched by a mass hail of gunfire.

The germans kept on boasting they had the bigger one, though SAC analasists suspect it`s more of a compulsary compensation.

The Germans shot down the professor, and consolidated forces around the obelisk, securing it`s secrets for the Reich...

... or didn`t they?

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