vrijdag 25 maart 2011

Banshee and Thunderbird

Since our gaming group is anticipating the arrival of the Supersystem rulebook, I started repainting some of my Heroclix models recently. Including one team that will feature in Lead Painter`s League with an effort to use the `Dallimore style`, but who and what I`m still keeping to myself, unpublished rules et all.

Now personally, I`m a great fan of Heroclix models, though I have no ambition at all to play the game. The models are dirt cheap ranging somewhere between 0.50 and 1.00 USD a piece, who cares if I have the LE uberrare veteran Spider-man, he`ll get rebased and repainted anyway so the boxfiller of doom common version of Spidey is just as good.
The comments about the quality of the sculpts? Negligeble in my book, it`s usually the terrible factory paint job that makes them look really bad, but the details are usually there, and I`ve seen far more expensive metal and plastic models (GW`s Rohirrim on foot anyone, where you couldn`t distinguish hair / cloak and arm / armour from each other at all) that had those sculpting issues as well.

But on to the ones that got the paintjob today. Two of the lesser X-men from history (Wolverine`s and Cyclopses on tables by the buckets), namely Thunderbird, who had the `honour` of being the first X-men ever to die on the field of battle, and Banshee, the Irish mutant. Of course, at some time both have been dead, but Marvel returns all except Uncle Ben as the saying goes... (Well, actually it used to be `Everyone returns from the dead in comicland except Uncle Ben, Bucky and Robin` but DC brought their two back in the meantime)

... up to the next batch now!

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  1. Great stuff, Thunderbird is a great addition to a Supes team.