zaterdag 26 maart 2011

TSA First Bull Run: Day 1

And the pictures of the first day of battle, I`m refraining myself from commentaries as a picture says more then a thousand words, but as the battle stands at the moment after 12 turns, the Union, in part due to better luck with the arrival rolls for the reinforcements, currently hold the higher hand, with the Confederate line about to collapse in the Warrenton Turnpike sector (where my division is currently one of the four Union brigades opposing only two Confederate ones) and throwing open as such the entire left flank of the table to move forward and intercept the Army of Shenandoah which is busy of entering the fray.

On a side note, the red and blue blocks you see here and there on the table are the markers we`re using for hidden movement.

While the first Union forces arrive near Red Ridge Farm, Stone Bridge is held by a small Confederate force.

Gradually, reinforcements start to arrive as the first brigade crosses the Bull Run

Caught in the flank and surrounded, the Confederates are forced to yield the Stone Bridge and her fieldworks.

More Union troops poor over from Matthew`s Hill, while the southerners start a retrieting battle towards their baselines.

With Stone Bridge lost, the Confederates bring in fresh forces to block the ridge between Henry`s House and Chinn Ridge

The Union army under Hunter starts to assemble on the Warrenton Turnpike, gathering together no less then 4 brigades opposing one and a half Confederate brigades as the Union reinforcements arrive en masse from a flanking move.

The first Union troops advance on Chinn House as the Confederates, sensing the hopelessness of the situation there, start a withdrawal and leaving only small units to act as speedbumps.

Tomorrow the conclusion and to see if history has been rewritten...

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  1. Wow, this is impressive! For future years, is this a member only event? Would love to see this with my own eyes...
    Chhers, Michael

  2. Nope Michael, anyone is welcome to drop by or to participate, the `home site` for the event is in the prelude post, and that is where people can register for taking part.

  3. Awesome lay-out! Also really cool modular tiles by the way!