zondag 27 maart 2011

TSA First Bull Run: Day 2

And so we moved to the second day fighting out the battle, here are the pictures from all over the field...

The army of the Shenandoah arrives and starts reinforcing the quavering lines, even pressing on to Henry`s Hill to form a fresh frontline right behind Henry`s House.

However, the huge amount of already present Union forces press forth the advantage, pushing back the Confederate units in a bottleneck.

Deciding to lock the battlefield, the Union forms a line at the base of Chinn Ridge, effectively locking the whole sector from Chinn House to New Market in a mexican stand off which would cost the Confederates very greatly if they would decide to mount an attack.

With the two front lines now on either side of Henry`s Hill, the centre of the battle has effectively ended.

The Shanandoah`s march onwards through New Market in a vain effort to break out over the flank.

Look at Jackson, standing there like a Stonewall.

Slowly, the battleline stabilizes to be able to receive any effort of break outs, causing the opposing Confederate commander to doubt wether or not to charge in gallantly with his cavalry.

In the meantime, more Union divisions move up behind the blue curtain towards the battle near Henry`s House.

Shots are changing sides, but apart from the odd casualty no units are forced out of the battle.

More and more troops get pulled into the battle near Jackson`s and Johnson`s positions, locking them down completely.

As the gridlock closes around the Confederates, they realise it is all over as the blue tide is to large, and has way more space to deploy then the holed up Confederacy.

Next up, the aftermath...

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