zaterdag 26 maart 2011

TSA 2011 ACW weekend: First Bull Run, the Prelude

So the weekend of the infamous TSA megabattle has arrived, and this year it`s First Bull Run (or First Manassas, depending where your loyalties lie...).

I`m in command of the 2 / 2 AoNEV, taking the role of Col. Ambrose E. Burnside, and yes, I had my facial hair grown to a (measly) impersonation of him. You might find pictures elsewhere, I`m not bestowing that horror upon you all...

and this is the brigade I have command over:

Now for some statistics of the game:

The table we`re playing on is 36 square meters, using 197 TSS tiles in up to 4 layers. About 23 metres of roads are on the table, 600 trees for 9 square metres of forest.

About 3000 models (including the spectators which where also there historically!) are used, all from the collection of Patrick Smets and to be commanded by 34 players in total.

Of course, TSA provides the full catering, while our friends of the Red Barons provide the umpires. Pictures of the battle on day 1 are to follow in a few, first now I`m going to get a shower ;)

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