zondag 20 maart 2011

Newest SAC Member: Capitano Morbidello

Capitano Morbidello is the field officer in charge of the military troops joining the SAC expeditions in the wonderful world. A former drill officer and career military, he is the equivalent of people like John J. Keeshan (bonus points for who gets that reference), doing a Rurik (and more bonus points when you get that) whenever the opponent is spotted.

He lost his left hand in a fierce battle at Wakanada Beach, but doesn`t mind that to hard as he can still hold his semi automatic, and the replacement hook is great for gouging out the enemies eyes...

The model is the limited edition Crisis entry model from 2008, so just one more to paint (and the only one not to become a SAC team member) before I finished them all. This model, `Popski`, was sculpted by Paul Hicks.

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