maandag 12 september 2011

Anima Tactics

A new ruleset, well, the game ain`t new at all, but finally I bought the book. Well, some might be going `urrr, only now` on this, but yeah, I had it on my radar for buying at some convention for a while (ever since the hardback came out past january)... and never anyone carried it.

So I lost all hope of waiting for Crisis, and ordered it through Wayland.

I love the models, got the Sophie Ilmora one painted in my cabinet for years, and being an anime afficionado, it was only logical to get the rules.
The book is a real work of art, with a lot of manga style drawings and storyline that could have popped straight out of some series at first glance. Detailed reading will follow soonish after the upcomming `rushed fortnight` at work, though i can`t say i`ll ever get a game sorted though.
Not many at my club are `into` anime, and even though we`re debating some kind of skirmish gaming as a `glue` for the comming year, I doubt this would be elected.

But like the SodaPop`s, I`m not worried, I`ll be completing my range of `models I like` and unveil them to you in due time, aka, when I have time again to do some casual painting opposed to regimental paintjobs at the moment.

This model was infact the very first try-out for the `lining` painting style years ago, when leaving the drybrush method whoch never was my cup of tea. Two colours back then for me, the style I now use on `normal` gaming models, and even after all the time, I still love her (no you pervs, not like that!)

Ciao Ciao

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