zondag 11 september 2011

They are Babes!!!

A whole new lot of goodies has dropped at the doorstep of my, hmm, how to put it... Temple Towards Preservation of the Inner Child Culture, TTPICC for short (pronounced Typic, got it, got it ;D ) also called my living space.

A nice set of japanese anime figures of all sorts, with two large pvc statuettes and a lovely lil` gasaphon:

Unchou Kanu in her wine red Bondage outfit from the Battle Vixens anime

A really nice model from a not so well known anime series `down here` in lil` ol` Belgium. The model has lovely facial sculpting, the hair is nice and flowing and well, the bondage dress is just like it says

Rei Ayanami in motorcycle outfit - Neon Genesis Evangelion

One of the most well known anime, and a great series, though i even think the manga story topping it off even better. Everyone likes Rei (okay, Mari from the 2.22 might beat her for the crown of series babe) and her mysterious, outworldly behaviour. This model of the blue haired albino girl was a bargain on ebay, setting me back a measly 10 pounds at a clearance sale.

Athena Glory from Aria

I admit, I haven`t seen the series yet so i can`t comment on how i like it or not, but I did like the gashapon model. And at 1 dollar and free shipping, that was a worthwhile investment...

A lot more are under way, apart from to repaint Gundam stuff, like a series of ultracool Dragonball gashapon`s, some Queen`s Blade models, more Saints... and more glass cabinets to display it all hehehe

Ciao ciao

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