donderdag 8 september 2011

The Next Big Project

When your getting older, you start playing historics. A commonly heard phrase in the wargame community, and one that often tends to be true. And a transition I`m going through myself currently.

Surely, you get to play less then the average fantasy gamer, but that is then in my opinion compensated by the command decisions, especcially if it is a `historical scenario` where your trying to change history with the benefit of hindsight.

And from experience, it does tend to lend itself better for multiple players on each side.

Witht he anniversary of Gettysburg nearing ever closer, my union army finally got the kick off of serious time spend painting this year instead of just lying around in my cabinets, all `planned` units now have banners ordered, and Crisis will serve mostly as the gathering of odds and ends like personalities, command groups, limbers, those kind of things... I estimate the force to indeed be ready around July 2013 if I try and paint a regiment or two each quarter.

So what is that new project then?

I live in Belgium, and some kilometres from our capital, on a small and slooped patch of grassfield there has been a small skirmish. About 197.5 years ago to date some small frenchman got involved there in an argument with a british kid born in Ireland and a german officer.
Some pot shots where exchanged and then the french withdrew, leaving a monument featuring a statue of a lion being erected on that spot... I`m talking of course about WATERLOO.

I always admired master strategist and unit placer Sir Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington, as one of my favorite generals ever. This fact, coupled to the fact that the 200 years anniversary will be a huge event and that it is on my `homesoil`, makes it no more then normal that Napoleonics will be the next army I`m going to be building and painting, albeit slowly and `in between` the more pressing projects running currently. And after by then years of painting blue uniforms, the red will be a welcome change as well...

Another side project will, depending on how fast the Perry`s are releasing the plastic sets, some American War of Independance, though I`m only thinking of a commander here and only a few small units, bit like my English Civil War in the making. These would serve perfectly as `my brigade` when playing a historical battlegame. I`m just in doubt what side to get, I kinda like the look of those white / light blue uniforms of the French like that bloke in The Patriot wore... but that is music for far far away.

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