zaterdag 3 september 2011

Summer Kitchen ACW scenery

For 10 years I strayed away from drybrushing, no idea why actually, but I guess it has something to do with being on a budget back then. Now with the ACW kicking off not in our club, where it is a long time mainstay, but in my particular gaming group there, it was time to buy some scenery to go with it.

So at the Lille (France) convention last may (that show report is on my blog, just scroll in the may 2011 section at the left hand of the blog, near the bottom), I did some shopping around for small (and not to expensive) houses and the likes, and the first batch has been painted up this week.

The house and wall sections where two layer drybrushes of Coat D`Arms Heavy Grey topped by Vallejo Game Color Cold Grey, and the roof was Coat D`Arms Rat Brown with Horse Tone Bay over it. All painted upon a Vallejo Heavy Orange basecoat.

Waaaaiiit... orange undercoating????

Yes, I tend to use various shades of undercoats instead of black, grey or white for scenery because
1. I have a lot of those Extra Opaque colours just gathering dust and
2. the occasional tat of orange showing through gives it a certain brick wall feeling. Check out the cracks in grey brick houses, you`ll see some reddisch orange showing through them!
But mainly for reason 1 ;)

So for the rundown of the models then

The house itself is from JR Miniatures ACW range, 5006 - Rose Farm Summer Kitchen

The wall sections are from a frecnh company called Gauthey Miniatures, a company I spend many a euro annually at the Lille fair. He makes all these kinds of neat additions for basically no money at all, and all is cast in resin. Sure, it ain`t the quality of a Grand Manner or such, but it is cheap! These two wall sections, code `mur1` in their range, knocked me back an `amazing` 2 euros. Be sure to google his website up, you won`t be disappointed. And mention that you found him through this blog, so he stocks up for the next edition of the show... or if we can convince him to come to Crisis one of the years.

Finally the farm lady. I bought this model in the Dax Magic clearance bin at the Red Barons show past march (again, report can be found elsewhere on the Society). Knocking me back an amazin 1 euro, though it could be I got her for free because between the few models I rummaged out of it, and the mucho paints, greenstuff tools, inks, washes and all other things I got a lovely discount.
She is from Hovels, and comes with two chickens that she feeds, I thought her a nice `innocent bystander` for an ACW game.

That`s it for my first scenery set, this friday we`re gaming a part of the Rich Mountain battle to get the hang of the Rank and File rules, so I`ll bring a full report of that the next weekend.

Ciao ciao

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