maandag 26 september 2011

Lockon Stratos... sniping the target!

Gundam 00... I`m not really a fan of it, the stroyline has some major flaws in it, though it does have it`s strongpoints, and the animation itself is very gorgeous.

But it does have... an irish Gundam Meister (technically, even two as it involves twins)... commanding a long range Gundam!!! A fantasy come true. It also has a sociopathic freckled redhead called Nena, but that`s a whole other fantasy altogether... What more reason could I have to paint up the green and white sniper gundam for my games of Future War Commander.

N-002 Gundam Dynames (aka Gundam Dynames, Dynames), is the long-range specialist Gundam in season one of Mobile Suit Gundam 00, piloted by Lockon Stratos. Dynames would later be redeveloped as GN-002RE Gundam Dynames Repair in A.D. 2314, briefly piloted by the second Lockon Stratos.

Dynames is largely a counterpart to GN-001 Gundam Exia. While Exia is themed heavily on melee combat, Dynames is the opposite. Dynames' weapon-of-choice is its GN Sniper Rifle to provide mid-to-long ranged fire support. As its primary armament, Dynames is almost exclusively used as a support sniper, taking up a well-hidden position(s) and dispatching targets from afar while Exia draws the attention and fire of the enemies. If forced into short-ranged combat, Dynames switches from the rifle to its GN Pistols, wielded and used gun-kata style. In very short range, Dynames prefers to use its GN Missiles, using its beam sabers only as a last resort. While Dynames is focused on sniping, the unit was also designed to utilize a series of special equipment to adapt to various missions.

For specialized long range precision firing (though rarely used), Dynames has a special particle rifle, which it is capable of firing on orbital targets from the ground, the Super Substratospheric Altitude Gun. To prepare for shooting alone, the pilot needs to connect the weapon to a large GN Condenser and network with other computer systems to make the necessary calculations for accurate shooting. Because the blast is very powerful, Dynames' rear is connected to one of Kyrios' Tail Unit as a stabilizer to absorb the shock of the discharge. It takes roughly 30 seconds to recharge for the next shot.

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