woensdag 28 september 2011

Budget cuts... but not due to the budget!

It is like a street without end, a tunnel with no light at the the end of the darkness.

Some weeks ago, I already started packing up parts of `Lead Mountain` and the `Library of Merxemandria` as a result of less gaming, the realisation that most impulse buys would stay just that, and a terrible case of space running out, especcially with the larger, place taking anime statues I have.

Three huge `moving boxes` where all filled to the top with stuff, to haul of to the BnS at Crisis to be dumped at prices to make certain that I don`t have to haul half a box back homewards (hopefully)...

... and I still don`t have the space I like or need!

I went through the (stupid stupid stupid) idea of `measuring` the space units from my main historical army and the accompanying scenery pieces would take once they are fully painted and ranked up. I`m kinda depressed now, the Union army is going to be larger then I anticipated in frontage and depth of units. Add to that my manga books, star trek novels, marvel comics and enough dvd`s to start a movie rental specialised in fantasy and scifi films, and you get the idea.
I dread the day I would find a partner I decide to live together with, and the packing up part that kind of things tend to bring along hehehe. And we`re not even talking lil` ones then... which is also kind of disturbing to my close friends that I`m actually thinking of those things lately, they fear the `Last Bastion of Singleness` is starting to show cracks.

Soooo, that means more cuts are going to have to be made, and this time the main cut will go to those regimental units painted, halfpainted or even not touched upon at all. I think the best bet is to paint them up to tabletop and try to sell them off, in order to return a little bit of the money spend (or better said, blown) on them.
Same goes for the spaceship department, I already donated a huge Star Trek fleet to Creepy Corridor Andy, yet the remaining part still is `to big for an occasional game`, I still have an anime fleet to repaint...
And finally there are the odds and ends, like the never materialized though started 28mm world war 2 army, a Hordes Orboros warband, an assortment of role playing suitable models though I ain`t role playing for almost a decade, my classic toys I dug up the past months in an old box, and now just stand there... The traditional issues of a clutterer with a hole in his hand.

Maybe I should just take the Lead Horderers vow in 2012, which involves not buying anymore figures then you actually painted up. Or do like so many of my gaming club members and only buy actual wargame models on Salute and Crisis shows for example, or working with a budget schedule for the `hobby` (or both hobbies in my case) hehehe.

To be continued at a local wargames fare...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Sorry to hear this but impulse buys are an addiction.

  2. I know, I have all reason to doubt my own good intentions over and over again ;)