maandag 3 oktober 2011

Flame of the Orient

Shiro Yoshida, Sunfire. Even apart from my intrests in the oriental, I always liked Sunfire as a hero / X-man, having a cool costume and his fiery based powers.

He appeared in various side arcs, like when Wolverine went out on a vengeance for his deceased wife in Japan, without really ever getting to the foreground of stroy arcs, the perfect, honorbound sidestory character...

... and then Marvel turned it all around, first having his legs severed by Lade Deathstrike, then being changed by Apocalypse into one of his Four Horsemen, Famine, even though his heroic side returned to him during the proces, trying to save Gazer, bt failing and both became one of the Four, and Gazer, the Horseman of War, died after attacking the X-men.

He joined the Mr Sinister`s Marauders in killing the Purifiers when they went after the first mutant baby born after M-Day, and was last seen ko`ed with Bishop threatening his wounds.

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