vrijdag 21 oktober 2011

Tau Shas`O and Shas`Vre

I like the Tau. I always liked them since the day they came out, but unfortunatly that was the same time my local gaming group called quits on Games Workshop, so I never fielded them before. Back then, I played pink Chaos Space Marines, and the Imperial Guard (both not with much success I should add).

But now the group is pickign up Warhammer and 40k again, and so the works have started on building a battleforce, and as my first choice the Tau empire is receiving the necessary attention to become viable for gaming.

The two main reasons I like the army are pretty straightforward:

1. Fire away!

The tau are masters of the ranged fight, forming battlelines of Fire Warriors armed with the lovely pulse rifle and blast away. They better blast decently as well, cause whatever reaches your battleline is bound to make a mess of it very, very fast and very. very bloody. I know I need Kroot and Vespids in the force, but those are not my priority at all, give me battlesuits! Bit like the Imperial Guard where you have Joe Average wielding a flashlight at the enemy. Backed up by big tanks and a lot of his friends...

2. That looks like a Valkyrie

GW cut it very close in my opinion. I LOVE the anime look of the Tau battlesuit, but the mono cam head and all make them look very, very much like a Valkyrie batroid from Macross. You wont hear me complain about it though, that is what makes the army appeal to me after all. I don`t like their vehicles, and I doubt I`ll ever buy one of them unless it`s in a force on a BnB or such, but battlesuits... the more the merrier, and preferably armed to the teeth!

So my HQ is armed to the teeth, with a lot of tank busting short range weaponry. Reading up on the `new` 40k, it seems there are two things that are auchy: Very big guns, and a horde of deep strikers the likes of Terminators.
For the guns, I have to see I can make good use of cover, and not present myself as the nearest target. For the deepstrikes, I go for high strength firepower in an effort to melt and plasma them to death if they come near.

Will it work? How should I know, but they sure look cool with all slots taken in by weapons and the sensors, technically hard-wired, also modelled on them...

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  1. Awesome!

    I always liked Tau too, great models that work around a great theme.
    I bought a Tau force once but sold it off as I never came around to it...I blame those Orks!

    I'd say I can't wait to get my Orks to have a go at them, but if there is one thing Orks are allergic to it's all that scary firepower Tau are packing!

    I need to go into my mekshop and dish something out to counter that!

    Love the battlesuit and can't wait to see the rest!