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Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review # 19: Nachi of Wolf

I like Nachi. I always thought his cloth pretty neat, and his personality rather heroic, if even that seems to come forth out of a foulish bravery though.

His first `moment` was when he charged the Phoenix Ikki during the Galactian Tournament, which admittedly didn`t seem to be his brightest idea afterwards as he is quickly taken out with Ikki`s Genma Ken attack. But it was brave none the less.

It was also Nachi that pointed out it is quite unbelievable that Ikki and Shun are related due to their extreme differences in character, but mostly he comes around as being a laid back person. One of the 100 orphans, Nachi picked the ticket to Liberia, were he trained for 6 years until finally obtaining the Bronze Wolf Cloth.
After having lost in the tournament, he went back to Liberia to further progress in his training.
He later came back and with the other 4 Bronze Saints, Jabu, Ichi, Ban and Geki he headed for Sanctuary. There he and the others rescued Tatsumi and the comatose Athena, and stayed with them until Gold Saint Gemini Saga, the false Pope of Sanctuary, had been defeated.

In the Hades arc, Nachi along with Ichi had been appointed to commanders over the Sanctuary guards and takes their job seriously. But as the dead Silver Saints started appearing and as they realize their attacks don't work so good, they are saved by Jabu. Later he appears to protect Seika from Thanatos, and risks his life in doing so.

His signature attack is known as the `Dead Howling`, a fast angled fist attack that can rip the enemy to pieces due to internal injuries.

On to the cloth then we go. First of, I consider Nachi my absolute trophy from past weekends FACTS convention. One of the harder to get saints, if you look for him on eBay he goes for around 120 euros, and then the shipping from Hong Kong or the likes have to be added, usually around 20 euros for a Saint model. I saw him at a stand for... 35 euros, so I immediatly bodychecked one of my buddies to get my greedy paws on the box.

The Wolf cloth is one of the least altered form the manga, only comming with leg armour in the anime series, though it`s colouring was changed from yellow to a (better looking for sure) greenish grey.

The model is like all the bronze saints, not to much flashy details but a well executed, simple cloth. Most of the parts are metal, namely arms, chest, knee and leg pieces, leaving only the belt, shoulders and headpiece in plastic.

Unfortunatly, the face doesn`t win me over though, it would have been better in my opinion if they had made his face smirk that little grin he often has in the series, instead of the rather neutral expression he has now.

Can`t say much about it though, there is not really anything wrong with the cloth, just like his other `b-team` bronze saints companions, but the face gets me to detract a point, rating him a nice 4 out of 5. Yes, this is biased as well by the fact that I love the cloths look, I`m even considering the Wolf cloth as my first experiment with fibreglass molding to make a costume myself for FACTS next year, when the Far Side plans to go cosplaying...

Meet the Team

And with Nachi, I know have the first sub team of Saints completely collected, the so called `second rank` Bronze Saints.

Ban of Lionet, Nachi of Wolf, Jabu of Unicorn, Ichi of Hydra and Geki of Bear.

Bringing my collection now to 20 Saints, and the collecting rate stepped up as I dropped other intrests of the wargame hobby (mainly, paint before you buy teeheehee), I am now 60 cloths down from the full collection of `normal Myths`, including Shaina (pre ordered already) and Harpy Valentine who aren`t released yet.

So with the envisioned rate of getting myself two to three cloths a month, I should be able to catch up near to a full collection in the comming years...

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