donderdag 20 oktober 2011

Universal Century Mobile Suits

Just some mobile suits I painted up between Chaos Dwarf and Tau restoration projects...

The green suit is a Geara Zulu, from the Unicorn series

A Neo Zeon mass-production mobile suit, it is the successor to the earlier AMS-119 Geara Doga. Like the Geara Doga, and its Zaku predecessors, the Geara Zulu was not a "high performance" mobile suit. Meaning that although the Geara Zulu's specs gives it a superior performance to the Geara Doga, its technology does not "push the envelope" as the mobile suits of the First Neo Zeon War did. Like the Geara Doga, the Geara Zulu's design was based on using simple and conventional mobile suit technology. This made the Geara Zulu fairly easy and cheap to mass produce as well as simple to pilot since it does not have any difficult to use features such as a transformation system. In order to increase overall versatility the Sleeves have produced a wide variety of hand armaments that can be used by the Geara Zulu.

Flanking it are two Z`gok aquatic suits, seen in amongst others Gundam ZZ

The Z'Gok's success came from what it learned from the Gogg's and Acguy's errors. The Z'Gok was very agile and fast in and out of water. MIP also replaced the bulky ballast water tanks used by the Gogg and Acguy for cooling off the mobile suit for out of water operations with an air cooling fan system. Notably, the weapon layouts were improved. Overall, the MSM-07 Z'Gok is considered the most successful amphibious mobile suit line produced by the Principality of Zeon during the One Year War.

Each of the Z'Gok's hands featured built-in mega particle cannons for easier and more precise aiming. Each hand also had three-claws which could be used to thrust into the Earth Federation's mobile suits or they could be used to smash things as well. The Z'Gok also had six 240 mm missile launchers built into the head with five rounds.

All models from the Bandai gashapon range scaled 1/250 to 1/300 and as such excellent for using as `titans` in my games of Future War Commander and the likes woop woop

Ciao ciao

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  1. Wicked painting, are the wargaming size?
    and with your permission Id like to post them over at my Forum :

    But regardless..I really love em bro, great job.

  2. Of course you have permission to post them :)

    They are suitable for wargaming, topping around 5 to 7 cm average in this scale, so smaller then your usual epic titan yet big enough to field on the table.

  3. Oh!

    Those look bigger than they actually are.
    What FWC list are you using them with?

    If there is one thing I regret not having in my FWC Pax army then it's walkers...I just love walkers!
    (that means I'll have to make a walker army some day...)

    Let's see them in action! ;-)

  4. The Open list intended for reaper`s cavalier range, it has around 50 walker types