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Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review # 18: Sorrento of Siren

The messenger of Poseidon as he is often called, the Siren scales are the first of Poseidon`s generals we get to see.

In the original manga, he attacks the hospital where the Bronze saints are recovering from their injuries sustained during the assault on Sanctuary. He is held of by Aldebarran in what is one of the oddest battles in the series, including a `head in chest armor` turtle move, a `hide behind the gold cloth move` and the moment he punctures his eardrums, having grave consequences later on in the Hades chapter.

In the anime adaption, Siren reveals the awakening of Poseidon and his role in the posessing of Hilda by the Nibelungen ring. Siegfried, the last surviving God warrior, then grapples the Marina general, launching himself into the sky.

Later, it is revealed that Sorrento survived this, as he faces Shun at the Pillar of the South Atlantic Ocean.

When the final Marine General, Sea Dragon Kanon, revealed the plan he started 13 years ago to manipulate Poseidon into starting the war with Athena so that he could take over, Sorrento realized that all of the Generals were only pawns used by Kanon to achieve his goal of world domination.

After Poseidon was defeated and sealed, Sorrento again encountered Julian Solo, now no longer possessed the spirit of Poseidon. Though they became friends, Julian does not remember their previous meeting. Sorrento accompanied Julian to use the power of his music to bring joy to the victims who suffered from the global natural disasters caused by Poseidon's awakening.

Sorrento's final appearance was in the Hades arc of the manga. Poseidon's soul reawakens in Julian Solo, and joins the battle between Athena and Hades. Sorrento is surprised that the spirit of Poseidon was not sealed completely in Julian. He then wishes the Bronze Saints good luck.

One thing I like about the Siren, is that for once a saint that fights with music, isn`t using a harp. The Siren wields a flute, and the Dead End Symphony is a nice piece of music in my opinion.

The model is nicely detailed with a lot of extra pieces to add when assembling the cloth. For example, there are small plastic parts that go on arms and legs to cover up the top of the feet and the wrists.

It is a rather complex build to be honest, depending a tat on `timing` when certain pieces need to fit together (the upper chest halves together with the upper chest body for example).
Another minor point is that if you position the flute `as it is in real life` correctly aligned with the fingers playing it and the mouth at the height of the blowpiece, the head needs to be tilted a bit to the right. This however causes the right shoulder pad to `lift uprwards` as can be seen in the picture going with this small review.
The final points of bleurgh I have with this model is the robe piece. If your not using the Bandai stands, you can`t put the legs close enough to each other to have it close firmly, leaving a small split between the front plates. This is not a fault of the model for me though, just a result of the choice I made about the bases.

Siren is a very nice model executed for his hair piece and the colouring of the eyes, with a very serious looking facial expression as he stares over his flute towards his enemies. I would rate the model `only` a 2.5 to 3 though, for the issues stated above, but as always, don`t let my biased opinion persuade you to not buy it, I just offer a viewpoint of an independant, non store attached collector oppossed to all the reviews of models `out there` on professional sites.

And a picture of an assembled model on a regular table surface, so no photoshopping and a chance to get a nice idea of how the model really looks ;)

Ciao ciao, and later this week, I`m reviewing my FACTS trophee

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