donderdag 6 oktober 2011

With villains like these...

Lets face it, Heroclix models are scorned by the majority of wargamers, even those playing superhero games.

Often they look for hero x or villain y like models, and clearly note that the softplastic mass produced figures are not an option. I am a fan ot the whole shaboodle!

If you look at the sculpts themselves, they are pretty neat and spot on for the majority of the characters around, and sure, there are some scaling issues, but who doesn`t have those in some wargame one time or the other. If these models had been released by some obscure company in metal or resin, they would have been carried on the hands by the gaming community instead of the woes of the soft plastic (which can be straightened if you invest 2 - 3 hours time and go to work with a hairdryer, unless it`s a really severe case) produced by a top line toycompany.

The second issue often is the price, though if you look around a bit on websites like Troll and Toad, you can just pick out the singles for around 0.49 dollar cent... that is the same price range as most hard plastic rank and file troops out there!

No, I`m a fan! I love comics, especcially from Marvel, and with these blokes I can game Marvel set battles, just using more detailed rules then the clix game itself, like SuperSystem of the likes. And the whole lot of ubercommons like thieves, thugs, police agents etc certainly are usefull elsewhere...

Which brings us to the painted group of heroclix:

Everybody likes the ubervillains that plan on world domination or even more, blokes like Magneto, Mr Sinister, Apocalypse, the Red Skull, Doctor Doom and the Kingpin. Others prefer the slightly obscure allegiances, yet deadly on more occassions then not, like Venom, Cable, Baron Zemo etc.
But who shows the love for the low life, usually hunted by the Punisher or Spider-Man, I just wanna retire to a cozy life thugs? Those whose next plan doesn`t involve the destruction of a continent or the disbanding of the Avengers? Those blokes that plan no further then the next bank robbery? I did!

Constrictor (Frank Schlichting): Frank Payne was an normal human agent of the international espionage organization S.H.I.E.L.D.. When S.H.I.E.L.D. needed a costumed "supervillain" to go undercover in the criminal organization called the Corporation, Frank was given a snake-themed costume and a pair of wrist-mounted electrified metal coils. Using the false identity of Frank Schlicting and the codename of "Constrictor", he infiltrated the group, only to suffer a nervous breakdown and become a career criminal in earnest. He has no powers of his own, relying on his adamantium, electrical powered coils.

Radioactive Man (Chen Lu): Dr. Chen Lu harnessed the power of controlled radiation and turned it upon himself becoming The Radioactive Man. He has the power to absorb and manipulate radioactive energy.

Speed Demon (James Sanders): ames Sanders, a disgruntled chemist tired of his job with the Hudson Pharmaceutical Company of West Caldwell, New Jersey, was contacted by the Grandmaster and offered superhuman powers in exchange for joining a team that would compete on his behalf. Saunders agreed, and he created a formula based on information given to him by the Grandmaster and that granted him superhuman speed.

Beetle (Abner Jenkins): Jenkins was a mechanic for an aircraft producer, but tired of not getting promotions he thought he deserved he decided to strike out on his own. Using a suit of armor, Jenkins became the Beetle. Getting a chance to play hero years later, Jenkins rethought his criminal ways and became a hero. During the superhuman Civil War Abe joined the Hero Hunters and oversaw three college students using the previous Beetle armors (the first beetle theme design, the second streamlined update, and the third tank-like armor).

Jack O' Lantern: Currently, five individuals have held the name Jack O'Lantern in the main Marvel universe. The Jack O'Lantern identity was created by mercenary and ex-C.I.A. agent Jason Macendale, Jr. When Macedale, Jr. became the fourth person to operate as the Hobgoblin, a second mercanary, Steven Levins, began operating as Jack O'Lantern. Steven Levins reappeared as Jack O'Lantern during the Civil War, working as a "hero hunter" for Baron Zemo's Thunderbolts. While chasing Spider-Man through the sewers of Manhattan with The Jester, Levins was shot through the head and killed by The Punisher.

(Maxwell Dillon): High-wire lineman Maxwell Dillon was struck by lightning while in contact with power lines still connected to their spool. The unusually configured magnetic field generated by the wound spool of cable and live, high-tension wires induced a body-wide mutagenic change to his nervous system. Dillon found himself transformed into a living electrical capacitor, powered by the micro-fine rhythmic muscle contractions that normally regulate body temperature.

Boomerang (Frederick Myers): A former baseball player, Fred Myers became a subversive criminal after being suspended from the game. He has no powers, relying on all kinds of trick boomerangs to accomplish his goals.

Thats it for now, so remember, these guys need some lovin` as much as the next villain down the road

ciao ciao!

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  1. I enjoy painting heroclix minis. There are a few stinkers in the series but mostly they're good figures.

  2. I've never played the actual game, but I love HeroClix figures for our supers games and have tubs full of them. They can be kind of hit or miss, but some have some nice detail, and I really enjoy the ones where they take advantage of the medium, like with translucent energy effects.

    And I'll second the love for the bank robbing thugs, many of those above as well as guys like Rhino, Stilt-Man, Porcupine and others.

    Very nice work on the repaints.

  3. Stilt-Man (may he rest in piece, and his hot widow even more) is by far the coolest low level villain of all, got the model of him painted as well