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Sunday Ramblings: The Geek Life episode 8

What a week, what a week.  I bring to you lots of bricks, more Saints, and very, very big robots in this instalment of The Geek Life.

Let me start by a little announcement that made me a very, very happy little geek.  The 17th of october pre-orders open for the european version of the new Saint Seiya game on the PS3, Brave Soldiers, which will span the Sanctuary, Poseidon AND Hades arcs.

The initial trailer shows a game more related to the PS2 games then the PS3 'musou' game that was released last year, but heck, that is going to be a platinum rush for me anyways.

What have I been Gaming?

Well, I haven't been trophy hunting again this week on a rather intense level, as I still managed in that week from the ps3 report to expand the hole between me and Andy, resulting in his time getting shorter and needed points by month getting bigger.

This, combined with the opener of this week, means my own 'deadline' is now officially a project I'm going to call 'A Game A Day'.  Starting tomorrow, I'm only going to try and play a single game in an evening, grind as far as I can into a game to try and finish the storylines, then put them aside to see what the future will be bringing when the PS4 comes close to the horizon.

Especcially 'disc' games will be going first, as these are now still able to be traded in at the local Game Mania, while their prices for trade in will drop spectacularly when the new one is out, just like with the ps2 to 3 transition.

For the rest, the only thing I've been dabbling with a little was... Transformers Legends on the tablet, a game highly acclaimed for the artwork but in essence just another facebook style game.  Not to bad, but it won't get me hooked...

What Have I Been Collecting?

Autobots!  Now that De Sentinel in Antwerp has made a pact with Comic Toys in the Netherlands, there is an easier stream through of Transformers models.  And for a very good price, resulting in me adding both Bulkhead of the Prime Beast Hunters series, as well as Sideswipe from the Fall of Cybertron game.

What Have I Been Watching?

Mecha's!!!  Kaiju!!!  It's PACIFIC RIM baby.  What a darn great and impressive movie that is.  The special effects are bloody spectacular, there is a hint of a storyline in a big monster bash movie, and it has everything this little geek wants.

The good thing is, considering Striker Eureka is the first and only mk V Jaeger build adn just recently came into service, and Cherno Alpha was a MkI, then take into account the war lasted 12 years at the main point of the movie.  It was one for 7 when Gypsy Danger had the Alaska incident, and then Raleigh going into retirement for another 5, that would mean Gypsy is like a Mk III and not some restored uber classic mech as usually tends to happen. Seems Mk's where released about every 3-4 years in the war, as the first ones only came on the scene after about 14 months.

Unfortunatly, including some for me 'sour' points..

1. Crimson Typhoon and Cherno Alpha.  So much is talked about them and their impressive records... and then they both go down under two minutes.

2. The 'scientific duo' comic relief was hoorible, and Ron Perlman's role was well... ridiculous.

Small points as you can see, however, I would have made a totally different ending to the movie.  After Gypsy and the Kaiju dived through the portal, I would have a big badoom and have the Jaegers, now all officially destroyed, and the Kaiju, then all presumed dead as the rift is sealed (we learn their builders ARE killed in the movie by nuclear Gypsy), ther is not really leverage for a sequel.  Perhaps a prequel with Coyote Tango or so, or a 'at the sime time' movie, but no sequels.

You'd then see a 50+ years later old Herc Hanssen telling his grandchildren (nowhere does it say Chuck would have had to be his only son, perhaps he remarried, or had a daughter outside the project, or or or) Chuck, Raleigh and Miko about how he fought monsters in giants robots, the kids laughing at him with a look of 'yeah right' as one or two generations have now gone by and the Jaegers are starting to fade from history to myth.

One of the great byproducts of the movie where the contests in each country to design your own 'nations' Jaegers, and I especcially loved the canadian and the irish one...

Another movie I have been watching was the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall.  This aslo is a great movie, but for me, it doesn't feel like Bond.  A feeling I had ever since Brosnan took the role, as it all became a little more, step by step, normal instead of the citched, clicheed and over the top movies of old.  But that for me is what Bond is all about...

I did enjoy the mass references to the old movies as this was the 50th anniversary movie, things like the Aston Martin, moving to Scotland (the first Bond, Sean Connery, is a scots,man after all).  I only half suspected the groundskeeper would have been played by Connery in a 'generations cycle' of Bonds.

Whhat I did not get though, was why the hell people all claimed Bardem played the most memorable Bond villain ever.  I didn't like him one bit, bland, and surely not of the calibre of Spectre, Dr No or even Jaws...

What Have I Been Bricking?

No less then 4 sets have been finished this week, with on the top of the list the Cobra of the Pharaoh's Quest range.  It's a good value set that I got off Bricklink for 15 euros, and I was pretty amazed that the snake was actually that big.

Got some of the smaller sets now in the mail (two promos and the flying mummy), meaning once they arrive, I only need the Scorpion Temple to have the complete range.  Time to free up some budget or look for trades.

After them, I think I'm going to try and get the full Prince of Persia set, as that range was a big flop and they are almost throwing the boxes at people's heads these days.

Other completed build where two of the smaller sets from Monster Fighters, another great, started under the radar range that far surpassed any expectations of LEGO in sales numbers in 2012.  So did Friends, but I ain't getting those though...

Mind you, the smallest set, Swamp Thing, is the only one in the MF range that doesn't have 'glow in the dark' parts.

And one box of Galaxy Squad.  I don't have any intention of collecting this series, but it does have some nice rather unique bricks like the 'battle helmets' of the earthmen and the insectoid parts on the alien pilot and such.

So let me end this week with a small peek at the next big time comming to the movies...

and PRAY they keep Legolas role severly limited...

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