donderdag 26 maart 2020

Lord Ipsqueek's Adventures: Taking my role as a celebrity

Well, it was a hard working week for me for sure!

My parents sure now how to force a 3 week old, holy moly, but I believe them if they say it's all for my own good.

Because to quote my daddy: "He is named after a Dwarf, looks like a Podling, but eats like a Hobbit".  No idea what he actually means, but I guess I should keep him in his "fantasies'.

Though according to mommy "I love dancing as much as my daddy does".  Yeah, I`m all Saturday Night Fever ladies *wink wink*

Oh, and remember that nice man with the big clicky clicky machine last week?  Look how awesome he made me look!

So that's it for this week, it's time for my daily walk, so I`m preparing myself for nappies while I let daddy struggle over sandy roads...

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