zaterdag 21 november 2020

Matched Play Guide

 Perhaps one of the handiest books Games Workshop released in recent years, the Matched Play Guide is all you need for attending a tournament in the Middle-earth gaming system.

At 48 pages and with a soft cover, this isn`t some heavy tome you have to haul around, but instead a nice little booklet in the well known MESBG recipy, with movie pictures as well as model images scattered throughout it.

The purpose of this little book is to be a tool for both organiser and player alike, as it provides tips and tricks on how to run an event, but also includes scenario pools that will make sure there is a scenario type for each sort of army that can be build.  This prevents the unfortunate event where a player with a fast moving objective grabbing force is faced with three rounds of slugfesting it out.  So slow armies will have to adapt to the running game at least once, while paper-machee armies will have to survive a steamroller as well once in the day at least.

This gives some fair chance to every type of army, and not force players into building all round armies that will quickly spread and be copied, resulting in tournaments containing 75% or up nearly identical forces as the meta's for other game systems (foremost 40k comes to mind) forces them to do.

Of course, all the scenarios that can be drawn are included as well in the booklet, so that's a handy reference to have on hand!

Some additional rules are included as well as notes on campaign based events, but I must admit these seem indeed more as some afterthought for those wanting to venture on this rather rare public event type of games.

It's not expensive at all, and easy to have around, so if you like attending tournaments this little guide is definitly going to become a close friend of you!

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