donderdag 5 januari 2012

The 2012 ultimate painting project: Phoenix Ikki

With myself finding now in a part-time job for the comming 6 months, this cuts down in expenses - which, considering the amounts of material lying around unfinished is a good thing - but raises the amount of painting time and motivation due to not being knackered with a gazillion fold. That is, if I don`t plump 6 months behind the PS3, something I`m managing currently very well, but Saint Seiya is only 1.5 months away...

So that means I can focus this year on the various painting competitions online. First of all, there is going to be the Lead Painter`s League, another 10 weeks of high pressure painting to complete theme rounds, fresh teams and whotnot`s.
This year, unless not possible due to the theme of bonus rounds, I`m going to focus on 10 rounds of anime.
I`m going to try and paint up sets of mobile suits, vsf fighters, saints, kawaii models and the likes, all in japanese style anime sculpts and `cell shading` paintjobs for the whole series.

But I AM going to provide handpainted paintings for each as a background this year...

Next is the Brush Slave at CDO, who is going to run a 7 rounds, monthly version of the LPL this year. In this one, I`m going to try and go all Marvel in order to recline the amount of Heroclix to finish models. With over a hundred lying around still, I won`t for one be hindered by lack of choice at least...

Also on CDO are the alternating rounds of the Artizan`s Contest, which usually involves building things, and the Golden Hat which focusses on painting something Chaos Dwarf related.

And finally there is going to be Gunshot 2012, a contest for GunPla builders. I entered HeavyArms this year, but I`m just going to settle on not entering last as the difference between a dedicated scale modeller`s paintjob and the average wargamer paintjobs that I barely manage is HU-MON-GOUS. Just click on the Gundam Guy blog in the links I have on the left side of my blog, and you can literally DROOL over fantastic top of the line models submitted worldwide.

But there is more, and that`s where the title comes from. It is quite possible the TSA painting contest moves back to Crisis this year with the bigger venue (haven`t heard anything official on the competition part though, just the `should we...` ideas at the club) and I`m going to sponsor the club treasury again.

I got this SUPERB Ikki Phoenix model from Archonia, costing me barely 3 euros. From the Blue Forever - Part 1 series, it is a all grey, 12cm high model of the fiery Saint, and begs for a paintjob. I have the full coloured versions anyways for display purposes in my cabinets, so it`s not like I`m ruining a set for an idea.

I`m gonna try and pull out all stops on doing this figure, using cell shading and layering techniques of 5 or more colours to make subtler blends then I normally paint in. At least I still got 11 months to finish Ikki hehe

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