dinsdag 10 januari 2012

Project Insanity week 0.5... these guys need to get painted in less then a month...

So I gathered all the models together I`m going to need for the Tournament at our club on sunday the 12th of February, and the first thing that pops up in my mind due to it is... `oh boy` (end quote Sam Beckett)

This is still a lot of models to toggle between. I currently have exactly one month (the last saturday will be varnishing, basing retouches, and reading the rules to get a reminder on how the game works) to paint this whole bunch.

That means I`m going to have a strict planning, and keep to it even if it is going to cost me many an hour of night`s rest. The K`daii are as good as done, just need to do their bases, after that I should really start working on that huge block of Chaos Dwarf warriors.

When those are finished, or partly in between, I`m going to do the Earthshaker first. Rounding out would have to be the blunderbuss unit and the Deamonsmith character.

Feisty and fiery!

I actually in between should paint up some more Blood Bowl models to complete the full staff, but at current I finished the 12 `starting line up` players, so they can be put aside for a few weeks. I can play, I just can`t deploy all the not used extra bits and bobs for the moment, first things first and the likes you know.

I`ll update on any progress during the comming weeks, keep your fingers crossed that the forces of Hashut will get ready to march to war!

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