maandag 16 januari 2012

Rule Britannia!

Just a quickie to show the newest addition to my collection

Brian Braddock, Captain Britain and imho coolest Marvel hero created, now has his own limited edition statue from the Bowen Designs series.

It might be odd that he was chosen, as he is not really a `mainstreamer` in the Marvel-verse, but this sculpt by Mark Newman, posing him atop a ornate cornerstone of some building, captures the spirit of the character. Stoic, heroic and `looking out for`-ness droop of the statue.

Standing well over 40cm in height and weighing in more then a kilo, this polystone statue has a place of honor now in my `Man Cave`, towering above my collection of Excalibur, MI-13 and likewise comics.

Limited to 700 copies, I got number 696 so I can say I got really lucky by just making it!

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