vrijdag 13 januari 2012

Project Insanity week 1: K`daii... and not much else

So it happened that at the worst possible time, Nurgle`s Rot caught me. I can`t say what exactly is wrong with me, as my collegues or boss might read along and I don`t want them to know I can drop stone-dead any day on the workfloor. Insurances can be a real pain in the ass you know...

The introduction also has several exagerrations to catch your attention, but YOU try to paint bend forward with snot running out of your nose. Hmmm, reminds me of a funny quote I read earlier this week `Kids used to have snot-noses, now snot-noses have kids`.

But back to the order of business, the 2000 point army I`m painting up for the tournament of the 12th of February. Due to the setback that prevents me from painting decently nearly for 3 days now, I actually managed only to finish up the bases of two remaining K`daii models.

One was already done and was entered in the Golden Hat contest over at Chaos Dwarfs Online, where it understandably didn`t score any medals. First of all, there is some mighty competition overthere, and secondly as I always say, the day I start winning prizes in painting competitions, there is something seriously wrong with the competition!

Now, K`daii are large bronze statues with a fire spirit magically bound into it, and unleashed upon the enemies of the Chaos Dwarfs to burn and slaughter. Understandably, one would expect these, as no official models have so far been made by Forge World, to have some kind of flamey- Bully- like theme, those two things being trademarks of the Chaos Dwarf `iconography`.

I however opted to go for a more middle eastern / indian looking style of models. Why I hear you ask? Because I had them lying around in my bitsbox serving no use at all.
Fluffwise though, I tend to stick to the next story for myself. The Chaos Dwarf empire is rather vast though not heavily populated, so it makes sense their enslaving bands wouldn`t all go to the Known World, some are surely destined to go and search slaves for the forges in the opposite direction.
I wouldn`t as such be amazed if some Hellsmith has the genius stroke to create K`daii in the image of local godstatues, to strike the fear of heavens into the local populace as their own idols start running amok in their midst. Makes sense doesn`t it?

The only other things I managed to paint up this week are the movement trays for the tournament. I found them rather cheap on eBay, being made of resin they barely costed me 5 pounds for the set.
The smaller one is for 10 bases of 20mm, and will serve to hold the bulk of the 12 man blunderbuss unit, while the large one is created for a 40 man horde. This will hold for starters the 32 strong (including characters) warriors unit, and I`ll fill it up with additional warriors afterwards to make it one big unit of 40 Infernals.

I added the bloke to favourite sellers, I`m quite certain over time I`m gonna go and order some more of those things for traying my forces.

On a final note, remember I had 35 points left of my 2000 available army points which I was going to use to distribute amongst the characters for some more magic items? Well, after seeing some games played at TSA and reading up on 8th edition, I instead opted to add another model to the army list (as yeah, i don`t have enough to paint already). My earthshaker (Dreadquake Mortar) will receive an Ogre loader. This edition is all about big blocks, and last friday I saw one player on the table with a block of 200+ goblins!!!! If I land the shell in the centre, no matter how far it scatters it still is dead on in such a horde! And thus avoiding the 1/3 chance that it wouldn`t fire, the loader is a welcome addition to circumvent the slowloading. He also helps if the machine decides to eat someone of course...

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