zondag 1 januari 2012

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review # 32: Shun of Andromeda God Cloth

What better model to do the back-to-back with Ikki of Phoenix for, then his younger brother Shun, the bronze saint of Andromeda. This is the second version of a Shun model I have in my collection, and is the kamui of the bronze cloth.

Where Ikki is harsh and full of anger, Shun is a pacifist at heart. The Phoenix saint fights with a vigor to quickly dispatch himself of his opponents, where the Andromeda saint fights to incapacitate but not kill his enemies.

The kamui is actually the second one awakened in the series after Pegasus Seiya`s cloth, when the bronze saints fight to hold Hypnos back from puersuing Seiya to Hades`s tomb. Hypnos puts Shun in an eternal drowsiness, but thanks to the power of the cloth he returns from the dream realm and they proceed to defeat first Hypnos, before comming to the aid of Seiya and Ikki.

In the recent Episode G series of the manga, Shun has travelled back in time with Saori, and the cloth has reverted to it`s normal form. On the same note, in the Lost Canvas series, the cloth can briefely be seen in Hakurei`s `cloth graveyard`, awaiting repairs and a new master, so it is highly unlikely we`ll see an Andromeda saint in this anime series.

But that is not the only opposite of the back to back models. Where the Phoenix was just plain horrible, this model is an absolute top of the range.

The face is sculpted correctly, and the cloth is both a correct representation of the anime look, and comes in a warm `pinkish golden`, a nice and soft, rich colouring.

As is custom with the Andromeda cloth, it has three golden chains, one in plastic to represent the rolling defense, and two metal ones, a shorter one as is seen on the picture for the `normal` pose, and a longer one to wrap all around the object mode itself.

Consisting of your regular suspects in metal and plastic parts, it is also nicely balanced, as it has no ambition to tip over even with the `wings` that are attached to it`s back.

This really is a great model to have in your miniature cabinet, and even though the God cloths are expensive, I haven`t been disappointed in the ones I have so far, so I gladly recommend all of you looking to collect clothes to happily buy this one, it is certainly worth it and it gets a nice and juicy 4.5 out of 5 from me, the 0.5 lost to the fact I`m not a Shun fan, but not because anything at all is wrong with the whole model!

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