maandag 23 januari 2012

WFB Cathay: Phoenix

When I first read the Cathayan fan made army list, which you can download for free from the Warhammer Fantast Battle Reporter website here, there was no doubt I would try and build a small force for it.

I have quite a few Chinese models lying around from the Curtsey`s Miniatures ranges, for a project long time ago that, as so many, never came further then the planning stages but hey, that`s wargaming and the clublife.

In that list are three units I considered a `must have` for sheer coolness, namely a Celestial Dragon (goes with my tattoo), Terracotta Warriors (though it seems Black Army isn`t running anymore these days) and a Phoenix. Phoenixes are cool. Well, hot in a cool way. Well, you get what I mean...

So I found one nice and suitable for my needs last edition of Salute in a traders bin of prepaints from the DnD range, a transparant birdie which I finally repainted this weekend, as a guy has to do something while he waits for glues to dry on Chaos Dwarfs.

The birdie is based on a 40 by 40 base and stands about 5cm tall, good enough to do the job of a 150 points, `kill me whatever you like I get back anyway` flaming aspect of rebirth.

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