vrijdag 21 juni 2013

From the Vault: Chaos Man O` War and Bab5 Drakh for sale

Okay, so they ain`t from my `vault` at all, but heck.  Last week my buddy Guy, aka Nemesis, asked if I could perhaps help him off some models now that he ain`t playing those games anymore, or even hasn`t gotten around to play them at all.

Now, inserting them into certain well known auction sites would cost me an arm and a leg for placing costs, publicity costs etc etc and if they won`t sell there, it would cost me about 11 euros a week, and I`m only going THAT far in doing people a favor, so here are his two lots.

The prices are INCLUDING shipping `signed for` worldwide, mind you there is nothing I can do about the prices because
1. it ain`t my models, and as such can`t say fine or not.  It is what he wants for them.
2. Belgian postal rates aren`t exactly the cheapest in the known universe.
3. the lots are quit heavy, and don`t really fit into a padded enveloppe ;-)
4. They will be with tracking number, considering the value and the fact it ain`t mine, I will not run the risk of being held responsible for losses.

I can always relay any offers, but as I don`t see Nemesis on a daily basis, this may
a) take a while and
b) offers no guarantees

 Okay, so the rules of the pitch have been set out...

So up for grabs are

A Chaos Man O` War fleet by Games Workshop, containing 4 still factory sealed boxes, an unassembled Khorne Bloodship and a set of 3 painted Khorne Deathgalleys

The asking price for that whole shabang is 275 euros (that is including all the postage etc)

and a Babylon 5 A Call to Arms Drakh fleet, by Mongoose Publishing, and including the Fleet Box (4 Light Cruisers, 2 Fast Destroyers, 4 Light Raiders and 4 Heavy Raiders) unpainted and apart from 1 Light Cruiser unassembled, as well as 3 painted Scouts, a Painted Fast Destroyer and a Painted Heavy Cruiser.

The asking price for this lot is 175 euros (again, including postage)

Drop me a reply if your intrested or have further questions!

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