dinsdag 18 juni 2013

The Gold Saint issue

I have been looking at it from the sidelines since BanDai started releasing their Myth Cloth EX line.  Reworks of the older range, so far we have seen `version 2` bronzes and a large part of the Gold Saints already out.

The models are a definite improvement over their older Myth cloths, where basically their age really shows for most of them.  With now Deathmask out and within my grasp (I`m raising funds for him), I bit the bullet and am going to collect the series to go alongside my `regular` Myth cloths. 

Here you can see the old vs the new versions of the Gold Leo saint, Aiolia, as an example.

But that would mean I would have the Gold Saints double... and that would eat a lot of closet space.  So after pondering on it for a few weeks now, I found the simple and elegant solution.

The classic Myth cloths will be replaced in `saint mode` in the cabinet, while the older versions will be build into Cloth mode to go alongside them.

That way, I`ll have in the end all 12 of them (hopefully) with their armors beside them, woop woop, as will it be for the Bronze Saints released in the line.

Because say what you want, they do look mightily impressive!

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