dinsdag 4 juni 2013

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth: Black Phoenix

The Black Saints of Death Queen Island are warriors fallen from Athena's grace, becomming a force of evil saints and wearing cloths ithe same as the bronze equivalents.

Led by Ikki of Phoenix when trying to steal the golden cloth at the Galaxian Wars, the leader of these saints is the Black Dragon, and while the Phoenix is perhaps the strongest of the Bronze Saints, the black Phoenix is nothing more then a foot soldier, numerous copies being chased through the city in the beginning of the story arc.

The model however, is top notch material.  Highly detailed, great fittings for the armor parts, poseable and stable... this model is winner.
It is a recouloring of the Phoenix saint, like most Black Saints are for obvious reasons, and has always the visor closed face like in the anime itself.

I found the model at Antwerp Convention last month for barely 30 euros, a top buy costing me about half of what they go for online, and peanuts if you see that the Dragon / Cygnus duo set of the Black Saints is rarely available under the 250 euros.

I can only advise people to get the model if they can pick it up left or right, it is a good addition to any collectors cabinet!

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