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Sunday Ramblings: the Geek life episode 2

Welcome to the second episode of the trail of my lifetime, as I take you along a daring, adventurous voyage.  You will meet vampires, starships, giant robots and trolls amongst other mystical beings.

Yes, a life of a Geek is one big adventure, so bear with me brave reader and face the horrors of...

... episode 2!

Okay, so that sounded a lot more dramatic then what actually happened, but you have to catch the attention of a reader early on now, isn't it.  So on with the show as we walk through the weekly oversights.

What have I been Tapping?

Well, it was a good Magic week for me.  First off on tuesday, I got to play a completely unsanctioned, great fun Modern Masters draft as a friend of mine, Costa, wanted to 'not just open his box alone'.  Okay, I went 0-3, but three times I had the chance of actually winning.

What I started to do on friday.  I had installed at last Magic Online onto my PC, more to have a look at metagame statusses in events, as I don't want to spend money on cards I don't actually have in my hands.  But with the starter cards you receive of M13, I did manage to go 2 out of 2 friendly games.

This pulled through to the Friday Night Magic, where I went 2-1 and only lost out on the first round as I blew myself a humongous hole in my head with my Duskmantle Seer.  My drafted 'IzzMir' deck for the rest contained a Nivix Guidlmage, 2 Duskmantle guildmages, a heap of draw and mill, and 2 Fluxchargers to punch through after a Gridlock or a Cyclonic Rift on overload.

In a sens of poetic justice, I also won the roll for the promo afterwards... an Izzet Charm.

What have I been Gaming?

The week started good with a heap of Gold trophies on Terminator Salvation.  I could go for Platinum on that stuff by just doing it all over, but bleugh... maybe, maybe someday in the far future.  Doubt it.

Another 'in-between' game I have been doing has been Shrek Forever After.  This one I also *might* grind for platinum, but like Terminator I doubt it, unless to finish it off and then dumping it on Munchkin's also already humongous backlog of games.  It did score me the Achievement though of my 2000th trophy...

No the 'main attraction' I have been playing has been Star Trek.  Critics are harsh about this game, but truth to be said it is quit okay for me.  Okay, die hard shooters will think it really sucky, but I am really sucky in die-hard shooters so that evens out.

Pity I can't remotely hope to platinum that one though, as one trophy is about completing the whole game in co-operative mode..

What have I been Watching?

Seems a week of vampires and the likes.  I watched the witchhunter movie Hansel and Gretel, Witch Hunters.  Man, what an UTTER crap that thing is.  Leathers and Famke Janssen where okay, one or two jokes where smirking, but overal... bleugh

No, then I enjoyed our 'family movie' more yesterday.  With the munchkin we watched Hotel Transylvania, an animation movie about Dracula running a human free hotel for all his monster buddies... and then a human drops by at his daughters birthday party.

There is one line in that movie that literally made me piss my pants.  Drac goes of to recover the human boy, and as he catches up with the plane Jonathan is watching Twilight.  At that moment, Drac, seeing the film through the window, utters this legendary line 'Is that how we are represented these days?  Ridiculous!'

What have I been Collecting?

Autobots.  Been a good week for those, with the ultimate comical relief of the second movie:  The Twins, Mudflap and Skids, in their ice cream car mode!

Together with those, I also got Hot Shot from the Prime series, and yesterday in the local toystore during the village fair, I found the Kre-O Bumblebee 'deluxe' in discount at about 20 euros.

Now, being a Lego fanatic is one thing, I can live with the Hasbro versions.  The blocks are intermingable (okay, Lego IS sturdier material), they have cool licenses (Transformers, now Star Trek, I am so going to get the big Enterprise) and they are dirt cheap.

I also brought along a Cyberverse Legion Prime Cliffjumper along, just to round things out of an Autobot centric week.

The comming week, I'm going to prepare the blogpost for the monthly PS3 oversight.  That will be entering Heavy Time as school holidays begins and both times are full time available, so that is going to be battles of 1000s of points... but first I'm packing up my suitcase to go and lie back a long nice weekend in a village with an unpronouncable name... and hopefully no Vampires (okay, if you have to be bitten by a 118 year-old, let at least be it a animated version of Selina Gomez).

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