dinsdag 11 juni 2013

The 12th Platinum: Disney's Pixar Up

Up.  I always thought it one of the best, and underrated Pixar movies ever released, telling the tale of the old balloon widower and a boyscout, going to Angel's Falls with a house carried by balloons through the air.

THQ... before they folded, they did a good job on releasing the franchise games of most of these movies to the Playstation 3, but unfortunatly, some of their games are... well... crap. 

While The Penguins of Madagascar and MegaMind where quite funny and enjoyable, Kung Fu Panda 2 was uber rubbishness.  Unfortunatly, Up is more leaning toward the latter.

The good thing is that at least it doesn't get finished in half a day like the Panda game, but it does have some of the terrible errors of that game as well

* Controls are at times very 'unfriendly'
* Where in the Penguins you controlled the 4 heroes smoothly, the 2.5 heroes here (Dug pops in now and then) have a habbit of blocking each others paths, resulting in missing jumps, getting stuck, and on three seperate occassions even dropping of the screen forcing to restart the level.

Trophy wise, it is a bit of a challenge in that for some you trail away FAR from the game 'path', even if your collecting artifacts.  Anf not to decent a clue of where to go.

All in all, it was a relative easy platinum for the virtual closet, but in all honesty, a kid can get frustrated at times by the controls (and the plane levels are horrible to pilot).

Target in Sight

Okay, so we're nearing Andy's current platinum mark, as he is on 13 at the moment, and preparing ourselves to gain two more platinums this month, though not the most simple ones to get.

On the Vita, I'm one gold trophy away from reaching it, but Batman 2 on that platform needs the Justice League completed on gold level, not the easiest of things to do due to some controller issues, I'll explain those when I finish the game.

On the PS3 X-Men Destiny is also only 1 gold and 2 bronzes aways from platinum score, all three comming naturally through the remaining gameplay.  I'm at the irritating Magneto fight on that one,  but once I (finally) dodge jump guerilla smash my way past that hopefully, it will be a breeze to round it out.

After that, I'm going for the ultimate price of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, still a lot to do there, but first I'll need to struggle through the online part, not simple on a 2 year old game, to be able to start hunting the trophies and complete chapters in that game.

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