zaterdag 15 juni 2013

Saint Seiya Omega Crusade series 2

A few weeks ago, Cardass released their series 2 of the Saint Seiya Omega set in the Crusade system.  Telling the tale of the battles against the Gold Saints, I received my 'traditional' 3 booster boxes from Papermoon Japan.

Everything filed and sorted out, this resulted in me still missing three cards from the set, unfortunatly including the ultra rare chase card, the Purple CH-002 Saori Kido, alongside two gold saints, Red U-005 Libra Genbu and Grey U-004 Capricorn Ionia.

Bar some buy-a-box promos that is, but it isn't easy tracing down checklists of the japanese promo cards.

So if anyone has these cards, and is willing to sell them (or trade them, pop a list to hear what I have and you need), just place a post right under this blogpost.

Thanks a lot!

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