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Sunday Ramblings: the Geek life episode 1

A brand new feature on this bloggie thing, Sunday Ramblings: the Geek life will be just that, ramblings... of a geek... on sundays.

This will be the weekly column, bit of an improved (I hope), more intresting (hopefully) and immensly popular (fat chance) of a guy living in his own strange mindset.  Or psychosis, depends a little on your point of view against geeks (enter insane laughter here).

First of all, as told earlier my private life has been rummaged through severly the last month.  After 5 years, I waved farewel to the world of very shiny stones (well, the shipping them worldwide at least for an underpayed wage and a totally disrespectful clientele) and am since past thursday officially back to being a student.  And as such now enjoying summer vacation for 2.5 months... life is hard.

Well, it will be, as I'll be pressing Computeroperator, Networkoperator, Webdesing AND Gamedesign all together in two years of studying, which should result in that period in 2 Masters and 1 Bachelor diploma.  Life is going to become very hard...

And as such, less blogtime, and best to meld it all into one big post every week unless some cool stuff happens...

What Have I Been Gaming?

Mostly two games have been played this week, namely Transformers: Dark of the Moon on the Playstation 3 and at the same time Sunflowers on the Vita.

That second game is mightily simple... and incredibly addictive.  Basically, your the sun, and you have to shoot clouds to make them drop raindrops and have flowers grow...

... but it is a great time killer to do when your staring at the empty online lobby of the Transformers game, hoping that at times 3 more lost souls pass by and play a few rounds to reach the gold 'The Champion' (reach level 20 online) trophy.  Taking into account you'll need about 50 online rounds to accomplish that, many an hour have indeed been spent just, well, staring and watering flowers...

At least it's out of the way now, and the platinum grind can begin for the game, having to grab trophees like 'kill that many in such time', 'don't die doing this or that' etc etc... those kind of little bronze 'left over' trophees, so sometime during the holidays, the game will pop platinum after enough rince and repeat sessions.  First I'm going to try and give Andy a serious extra spanking though, to set up a safe margin for the severly limited time I'll be having come september.

I also received a note that my next pre-order is in, the Lego Chima game for the Vita, which I'll be collecting tomorrow at the store.  Nothing to fancy probably, but one has to keep his collection up to date.  Which reminds me I still need to finish the Batman one even.
Truth to be told, the Lego Chima series didn't rock my boat when it came out, I'm actually waiting more for this Lego game to appear in september:

What Have I Been Watching?

Well, Star Trek Into Darkness of course, which for some silly reason was released in Belgium almost a month after the rest of the world.  It's an enjoyable movie.  It is a reboot of The Wrath of Khan, though for me it doesn't come anywhere near the 1984 classic.  It incorporates some elements from the Search for Spock even (the new 'big ship' class for the Federation, here called the Vengeance, but we all know it's the new Excelsior), with Scotty sabotaging it's energy grid.
The new take of switching roles with the dilithium matrix is okay, Khan wasn't to bad, and there was one detail I found supreme.
At the admiral's office, there was a line of scale models of 'Enterprises', and it included non of the originals... but DID have the NX class in it.  Solving Enterprise's canon issue this way Mr Abrams?

All in all a good film, I would rate it in the higher half of the all the franchise's movies, but NOT for me the 'uberfilm' some people go around saying it is (usually, non Trekkies but heck).

What Have I Been Reading?

The best thing I read this week was the The Transformers volume 5 omnibus, Chaos Theory.  Oddly enough, this comic is HEAVY even for non Transformer fans.

Dealing with issues as being able to make a free choice; putting faith in, but being able to pick without, religious guidance; choosing between lifelong imprisonment or the death sentence; doubting believes that guided you all the way... that was definitly NOT a children's comic.

And with all the recent news about the bellringer Mr Snowden, the Syria war etc... oddly placed in the current day 'tijdsgeist' even though the comic is a few years old.

What Have I Been Collecting?

Some Transformers arrived this week (see for one my Dinobot post from a few days ago) including this very cool Transformers Generations Swerve model.  An elegant model in both vehicle and robot mode (even though he doesn't become a sleek sportscar at all) this was a great buy for 15 dollars thorugh a promotional offer.

On the part of my main intrest of all times, Saint Seiya, I finally bit the bullet and ordered these...

To many of the newer models are really intricate and heavy, that in order to stabilize them better, I finally went with the stands, and now if I see them pop by for a decent price on the belgian webstores, I'm snatching them up.

So that's about it for this first week of geekiness, feel free to leave any comments below and otherwise, I'll see you all next week for episode 2!

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