dinsdag 13 augustus 2013

Planeswalker Points Season 1 - 2013/14

The first season of the new year has gone by, running from the 18th of March until the 11st of August, but more importantly, it is also the first season of new yearly cycle of Magic, running until the 1st of June 2014.

Even with not to much games under my belt the past season, I did manage to score a modest 168 points.  Not my best season, but compared to about a year ago where I scored around 40 points a season, improvement is apparent.

With the current one running until the 15th of December, and including the GP Antwerp (Modern, but I'm going to battle there with a slightly modified Type 2 deck I think), my aim is around 250 points for the comming 3 months, which might be do-able, and if not, yeah well, not then...  But then I already have a fat margin to be allowed to participate in next years WMCQ's.

Now, my measly 168 points did score me a 247th Place in the season (and as such, as well in the Yealry ranking for the new year) within Belgium, but neither ranking within Europe and the World rankings, where the last place on the site, nr 1000, has respectively 418 and 2107 points.

Unless I'm going to go GPing, GPTing and PTQing more regularly, I doubt I'll ever make those marks, so I'm not lying awake over them yet because...

I have a long term plan!

As I have now a decent 1080th place in Belgium on Lifetime Points, needing at the moment 825 to drop into the top 1000 of All Time (and I admit, that is my Magic goal).  I currently stand on 734 Lifetime points, not to shabby considering I scored my first point (he, 4 actually lol) on... 11 / 11 / 11... how's THAT for a date to start playing competitive Magic.

Well, off to go and prepare to score hopefully the very first point of the new season comming friday... with that oddball deck I posted past sunday.

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