zaterdag 17 augustus 2013

Something starts to loom at the horizon

Okay, it's time to grow up.  Well, a little perhaps, because doing things to extreme results in psychotic breakdowns, de-geekinization and other, not for innocent human minds, horrific results.

No, there hasn't been a proposal yet.  Yes, parental and partner pressures are rising (okay, just kidding here mom, it's only the GF pressuring me.  Love you mom.  Sponsordeal?)

Truth of the matter is, every geek reaches an age when hobbies get pushed more and more to the backside, while real life things like careers, growing up munchkins, living together and such things keep on getting more and more to the front of the lifecycle.

So yes, it is starting to become that time that I'm going to do more cuttings in the hobby budgetting, and start saving more in the savingsaccount for things from the not so far future, being in our case a marriage in a few years (like, perhaps, one or two) and a house with a garden (wise lesson learned here after the heat wave of past july and august).

Just sayin'

Practically, this is going to result in playing Magic in only one type except spending good money on trying to build not working Modern and Legacy decks.  And try to get a decent price for the leftover cards.

Maybe I should cut down my PS addiction to actually first finishing the immens backlog of games I still have, and refrain from emptying the PSN Store at sales weekends.

No way in hell though that I'm touching or stopping with collecting Saint Seiya models, but I might as well stop with the 'not 100% but they are just I must have them' side collections I've been gathering over the years like Transformers or such, not sure there which ones will make the cut.
I got summer cleaning comming up in two days under the watchful eye of the godlike being called 'mom' in my hobby room over at the parental house.

And perhaps it would be wise to use Trade Cards Online to trade around various cards to ultimately reach the goals of the series I actually WANT to complete (and the munchkin's one to boot).

Just sayin'

Many decisions to make as such in the comming weeks, and preferably before I go back to school as I will need a really clear head for that, it IS a very heavy combination of courses I'm going to take after all.

And to try and make sense of my mind into the GF's mind, that'll be the harder part, as the oddjob might sound just a tat more oddjobby when trying to sound less oddjobby.

Now to make some budget for something...

Just sayin'

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