zondag 25 augustus 2013

X-Men Destiny: The 14th Platinum

Are you an X-Men, or do you side with the Brotherhood?

When during a mutant peace talk in San Francisco, the rally gets attacked by what seems to be Magneto, all hell breaks loose.  Soon however, you start to learn the truth and find out that Bastiion has returned.

In the form of a computervirus, controlled by satellite, Bastion has taken over the mind of Luis Reyes, a mutant equality human activist, and created the MRD and the U-men to eradicate all humans.

When a young mutant gets killed, Pixie (not in the comics though, there the scottish teleporter lass is still alive and errmmm flapping), you have to make the choice.

X-men Destiny has received sabbling down critiques, but I must say, I quite enjoyed the game.  There are two ways to go to the platinum, either start at the hardest level and having to finish the game once, or do as I did and play through the whole storyline three times.  I personally think my method, though time consuming, is a better way to go at it, as you carry over your mutant powers and costumes from playthrough to playthrough, so when I started, I had the very good `Shadow core powers` maxed out.

You get to choose from three characters and three sets of core powers, I went with Grant Alexander, a college football player, and the Shadow powers who have the great benefit of even though doing the least damage, the skilltree has two powers that render you invunerable. 

Not bothering with `X-Mode` when you take all the genes AND costume of one of the many `familiar` faces, I went for Wolverines offensive and defensive powers (damage over time with better crit chance and a healing factor) and Psylocke's Utility gene (fills up your M-power meter faster, and I could use the handy Dark Vapor power more).

That said, the Juggernaut / Magneto boss fight on X-Treme difficulty must be some of the hardest boss fights I came along in quite a while in games, as it is lengthy, does a lot of damage, and you have precious few healing.

But I pulled through tonight.  The past platinum I stood on equal level with Andy for exactly 1 day, then he went on and scored two plats in quick succession leaving me (on platinum numbers at least) trailing behind.  With my school career starting the week after the comming one, I decided to spend those last 5 or so gaming full time chances to try and score as much of the remaining platinums that I can, usually of games one or two trophies `away` from the full package.

We`ll see how it fans out, but this was at least another nice bumper for the Challenge, and one of about 300 points swift and smooth (okay, so it took like 2 years to finally round out the game, but heck, it`s done at last...).  Now to try to finish both Dynasty Warriors 6 (yeah yeah, 8 is out in the meantime, I know) and the Lego batman on the Vita before the end of the week when I`ll be posting the challenge score for august.

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