zaterdag 31 augustus 2013

Summer Holidays have gone by

And thus august comes to an end, and monday the big rush starts again, as millions of kids return to school.  And how odd it is to say for a 35 year old... I'm joining in the rush.

I've decided to completely overhaul my life, and finally go and study to do 'something' with computers.  I've spend the past 5 years in a fun job, but unfortunatly also a rather high risk one, and in consideration with my parents, my girlfriend, the fact there is a munchkin running around and I ended in hospital last year purely due to stress, I waved the career byebye.

So now I'm going to study for (hopefully) 1.5 years, to cram three educations for a total of 6 years together in what is going to become a braincracker, but IF all should go well and I'd pass all my exams in the end, I'd be a Computer Operator, a Network Operator, a Web Designer AND... *drumroll* a Game Designer.  Just in case to have all options open... and be armed for any opportunity that should come by.

Oddly enough, reading around on the internet, the 'shortest' course, Game Design, is actually the one with the heaviest endwork ratings, including such a detail as designing and writing a complete game...

Currently, I actually have two ideas floating around in my head.  The first would be Tattoo Artist, kind of a drawing game / program, in which instead of paper, you get 'skins' with all their tones and textures, and you have to 'draw' a design on it.  The better the colours and the lines match with the 'clients' intentions and adapting to his skin, the higher your score would be.

Maybe I should talk to my real life tattoo-dude to become a playtester ;-)

The second idea is Kaiju! Kaiju!! where you play, well, a Kaiju and you score points for levelling down cities and smashing innocents.  Carmageddon *deluxe* with genetically enhanced lizards?

Now, let's dream for a moment... in no way in hell am I ever going to start on my own again (very bad memories and still in processes due to having once done that one) desing studio, but the ultimate 'wet dream' is to get something published through the Playstation Network or such, as they actively support the Indy market.

How cool would that be...

But that is a far far away dream still, as monday, let's start modestly by packing my lunchbox and carrier and go for the first time to class.  On a more realistic note, I would love to settle in the department of some big, secure job company career like the IT dept. of a hospital or such.  You know, those guys that tinker all day with the system, yet in the end nothing seems to work.  Or even better, in some cellar with some other geek *enter the IT-Crowd theme music*

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