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Sunday Ramblings: the Geek Life episode 10

Is the book better then the movie?  An often heard statement, and in many cases this is true. 

Take the new smash hit film Pacific Rim.  I loved the movie, and bought the (dutch) movie adaption book.  The story is literally, scene by scene the movie, but the power of the pen is everywhere.  In a 300 page novel, you have much more space for 'background' then in a 2 hour screenplay.

So yes, you get more 'personal thoughts' or small scale backdrop information (for one, the russians are actually a married couple that like Ukranian Hardhouse music), triffle information not overly important for the movie storyline, but it just adds that little extra touch.

Or that Pentacost is a british, not american, officer!

And the book is inserted with after every chapter a personel file, jaeger tech file, or 'newsclippings' about Kaiju.

So is a book better then the film?  Not in the case of Pacific Rim, it is just a bit more spiced up.

What Have I Been Reading?

Pacific Rim isn't the only book I have been reading though this week, as I devoured episode 5 in the manga series of Saint Seiya: Next Dimension - Le Myth d'Hades.  This is the 'official' prequel to the beloved anime series, drawn by Kurumada himself, instead of The Lost Canvas which was only 'watched over' by him.   The result though is a very conflicting set of Gold saints, and I must say so far I still prefer The Lost Canvas - sorry sensei.

In this volume, we learn about the 18th century Gemini saint, being the evil Abel and noble Cain, though this seems more a schizophrenic, hair colour changing saint, like Saga used to be, instead of the fallen and the exiled twins of TLC, while the Cancer saint, Deathtoll, is a cowardly, gravecasket making comical relief in the series.  I'll go with Manigoldo thank you.

But the story overal though is strong, as it details how Shun (and Ikki) went with Saori in a portal through time to try and save Seiya from Hades's curse.  Taking into account Omega, they apparently will succeed, but that won't ruin my reading fun though.

What Have I Been Tapping?

Only the Friday Night Magic, and I stood back pretty amazed.  The 'Fireworks' deck I posted last week, but still needed some tuning (which I haven't done yet) of replacing black for blue... actually worked quite well, taking along a 2 - 2, ironically my best result the past weeks.

In round one it easily swiped an Izzet deck powered by Ral Zarek of the table under 10 minutes, round 2 it barely lost to a Selesnya deck with Smithers and Voices, round 3 it was 1 draw away of beating a Gruul deck, only to win again fast in round 4 against an RDW.

Okay, it takes some thinking of when to burn creature or player, and to sacrifice or not the tokens compared to the smash smash smash haste deck, but it seems I have touched upon something here.  Some more tuning to go and then we'll see how it ends.  Heck, maybe, very maybe it all falls into place and I get a chance at the promo of this month, a Dimir Charm.

I'll let you'll know next sunday, with the updated decklist.

What Have I Been Gaming?

The girlfriend finished the 400 days DLC stories for the Walking Dead, and let me tell you, and hope she doesn't read this, she is a psychotic killer in the making.  She just had poor little (hot) Steph shot, she covered smashing the old lady's brain in to her husband, had an elderly couple executed... and negotiated with an iron hand of slavery, resulting that only cowardly Wayne and cold turkey'ing Bonnie joined the camp in the making.  This looks promising for the audience when season 2 comes out.

Myself, I finished the storyline for Monsters vs Aliens this week.  Of all the animation movie tie-in (crap) games, this one was actually quite enjoyable.  You rotate between your 3 heroes in a sort of Obstacle race with Ginormica, a bash many monsters fight with the Missing Link, and use B.O.B. to go through puzzle and maze levels.

I will definitly go back to that game to score some more trophies in the future, though I doubt I will do a second complete playthrough for the platinum.  Never say never though...

What Have I Been Collecting?

This uber cool promo card for Saint Seiya Crusade...

This is one of the two saint seiya cards that came with the Kero-Kero Ace magazine, the May issue of this year, and in Japan, they still have those great magazines like Inquest and the likes.  I loved those kinds of magazines, but then Magic got to big and the internet to dominant, which is in a way a bit of a shame.

Apparently though, high tech crazy Japan is also just as paper mag crazy, and still gives around their promo cards with the booklets and all, so thanks to that internet that got to big, I can expand and complete my collections.

What Have I Been Bricking?

All about Marvel for me this week, as I build the Daily Buggle set, as well as the promotional set of Iron Man I still had lying around.

I didn't actually have any intention of getting one of the bigger Marvel sets, but then a local toy store had it marked at half price as it was the one and only set they had received in the series, nor it seemed they would be supplied anytime soon with more in that series as they are about to move soonish.

No jiffy, I'll save it from oblivion hehehe.

Well, that's the ramblings for this week, now I have to go and research some internet sites about that Disney Infinity set comming out the 22th.  Skylanders with Disney, and the munchkins birthday a month away, is going to make 1 + 1  = 3 (birthday + release = munchkin happy, my profitting from it)

From the man-cave, I salute you.  To Infinity, and Beyond!!!!!!!!

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