woensdag 28 augustus 2013

Skylanders: Giants - the 15th Platinum

For the second time in just as many months, I've pulled alongside Andy on the number of Platinum trophies, hopefully longer then 1 day this time.  It also catapulted me into level 17 on the Playstation Network, sweeet...

Skylanders is an 'interactive toy game' on various systems, consisting of toy figures you place upon a 'Portal of Power', and then the model is transferred to your television screen.

A mighty fine piece of technology if you ask me, because your figure, no matter which you play with, is actually spoken to with it's given name, instead of just 'Skylander' or so.

I played the game all with one model (while the munchkin quickly lost intrest, preferring Wonderbook.  No problem kid, your going to platinum that for me this weekend hehehe, you just don't know it yet, Trigger Happy, a furball out for gold and using one large gatling gun to do so.

Then I found out it needed to be completed on 'Impossible' level as well, and I was stuck with one level 15 and a train (7 to be precise, it is advisable to enjoy the game to the fullest, you have at least one of each color / element) of Skylanders between level 1 and 4...

Now, I just went for it, and it did take me almost thirty game hours to complete AND level up all the models to adequate levels to get through the harder levels.  These are bar the final Boss fight, most importantly the three levels ending in an Arena fight.  Gamer addict opinion, no way the 'target audience' can ever platinum this.

But in the end I got a second Skylander, Flashwing, to level 14 and while Happy did most of the job in the final boss fight (he and the little crystal dragon being the only ones actually making it there through the level), she did manage to finish the boss off with her 360 degree attack range and more imporatantly, self healing power.

Truth to be told, more luck then skill, if that final shot missed, I would be dead at my 4 remaining hit points and it would be the whole level over again...

But it is a GREAT and ENJOYABLE franchise, even for grown ups, and with my pre-order in for the third instalment in october, I guess I can still score some trophies on the first volume as well, a game which the munchkin plays at my home.  Thats what you have with two PS3's and a Vita, keep the crowd pleased and the trophies spread.

Divide and Conquer Andy, but I guess you better put it in a higher gear...


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