donderdag 11 oktober 2018

Light Cavalry for Dux Britanniarum

It has been a while since I painted anything for my Dark Ages, but strolling through the Dux book I realised I had one possible unit not covered: light cavalry.

To that end I assembled some of the remains of my box of Dark Age Cavalry, and left out the shields to easily identify them on the battlefield.

The units in the game number 4 models, so with 6 remaining from earlier units, I still have two on sprue to be used one day for I don`t know what expansions.

I went for the basic quick paint on these plastic models, doing the base colour layer and then washing them with strongtone, adding some touch ups left and right.

All that remained then was to base and varnish them, and I am covered for all eventualities of the campaign table as a result.

Now to get a wise man ready and I`m back up-to-date with my forces and possible units I might roll on the campaign table...

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